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The Canonfarma Production company has been taking care of people’s health for more than 20 years, using the latest pharmaceutical developments in the fight against a wide range of diseases. The production of effective and safe drugs is the fundamental “canon” of the company.

What we had

  • zero amount of organic traffic
  • low level of trust

The client’s goals were as follows – to increase brand awareness among general users and wholesale buyers (including pharmacies) and to build trust among the target audience.

What we’ve managed to do

  • improved technical aspects
  • optimised all existing pages
  • optimised meta-tags
  • implemented an internal linking strategy
  • created social pages and added social media buttons/links
  • created new content and improved existing

We’ve done the following. Improved the website’s technical aspects for better search engine ranking. Addressed common backend issues commonly encountered with Bitrix CMS. Then we moved on to page optimization: optimised all existing pages on the website, including the meta tags for better SEO performance. Then implemented an internal linking strategy to improve the site’s SEO and user navigation. Also didn’t forget about social media integration: added social media buttons/links to increase social signals and offer additional avenues for visitor engagement. And finally content expansion: created new, essential pages like ‘Contact Us’, ‘About Us’, ‘Safety’, and ‘Manufacturing’ to enhance the website’s credibility and information completeness.

Any Results?

The cumulative effect of these actions resulted in a significant boost in organic traffic, successfully achieving the client’s objectives of increased brand awareness and trust within just a couple of months.

  • Before (November 2020): 0 organic visitors (new website).
  • After (January 2022): Over 15,000 organic visitors (not counting direct traffic).

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