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Kirill Kulagin — Senior SEO Specialist

Welcome to my dedicated page! Let’s dive deeper and get to know each other better. Ready to embark on this journey?

Who am I

I’m an SEO aficionado, always riding the wave of the latest technologies and integrating them seamlessly into my processes.

My Core Values

The ultimate goal of any website is to deliver immense value to its users. My mission? Sculpting your site to fit this paradigm perfectly and sprinkling in a touch of SEO magic.

Favourite Tools

The Art of SEO Promotion


Deep Dive

A comprehensive immersion into the subject matter, scrutinizing the site, pinpointing issues, and uncovering growth opportunities.


Competetive Edge

A thorough analysis of competitors to highlight standout qualities and key metrics, ensuring you stay a step ahead.


Blueprint for Success

Crafting a precise action plan with your ultimate promotional goal in the crosshairs.



A suite of measures designed to achieve results at lightning speed.


Website Revamp

An all-encompassing enhancement of your website, aimed at boosting both the quality and quantity of your clientele.


Result Realization

Achieving the outcomes you’ve been aiming for.

Kirill Kulagin - Your SEO Maestro

Hello! I’m Kirill, the guy who turns web pages into visitor magnets. How, you ask? The secret lies in my magical SEO prowess. Ready to dive deep into the realm of SEO with me?

I can do… well, almost everything!

Okay, perhaps I can’t leap over buildings (or can I?), but here’s what I’m truly skilled at:

From content creation to intricate web development, hand me a site and consider the mission accomplished!

Be it technical, content-centric, or even an external backlink audit, I delve in like a detective, scrutinizing every nuance

From semantic collection to structure design, from promotion planning to finding the perfect coffee for that creative spark – I’ve got it covered.

Yes, you read right. I adore them, and the feeling is mutual. It’s a match made in data heaven.

I’m a firm believer in the 20/80 principle: 20% effort for 80% results. And I ensure it’s woven into every SEO strategy I deploy.

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My Pride and Joy 🏆

With my expertise:

  • 🏆 My recent client achieved a net income of 130,000+ EUR monthly.
  • 🏆 I’ve skyrocketed a site to the top, even with a keyword difficulty score of 100 out of 100. Challenge accepted and conquered!
  • 🚀 I’ve crafted an auto-blogging software that can unleash hundreds, even thousands of content pieces in mere minutes. The digital landscape is set ablaze with this innovation! 🚀


My Russian is impeccable, and my English? Well, let’s just say Shakespeare would be impressed (okay, it’s at a solid C1 level).

SEO Tools I Swear By

My Go-to SEO Toolkit:

  • Google Search Console: For in-depth site insights
  • Google Analytics: To decode user behavior;
  • Screaming Frog: For a deep site crawl;
  • Ahrefs: To track backlinks and keywords;
  • Semrush: For competitive analysis and more;
  • A sprinkle of secret sauce and home-made automation tools.

If there’s a tool crucial for site optimization, chances are, I’ve got it in my arsenal!

My Favorite CMS Playgrounds

  • WordPress (WP – call it what you will)
  • CS.Cart: Tailored for flexibility
  • Drupal: For robust website experiences
  • Bitrix CMS: A Russian favorite
  • UMI.cms: For easy-to-use interfaces
  • OpenCart: The e-commerce stalwart
  • ModX: For those seeking advanced flexibility.

From blogs to e-commerce, I’ve got hands-on experience across these platforms!

From Autos to Essays: My SEO Journeys

  • Automotive: Towing; Suspension Repair; Car Upholstery; Bodywork; Car Glass; Car Wash Products.
  • Beauty & Wellness: Microblading; Beauty Salons; Spa Resorts
  • Sports: MMA Gear.
  • Education & Art: Online Drawing Courses.
  • Pets: Pet Products.
  • Furniture: Metal Furniture.
  • Hospitality: Hotels.
  • Entertainment: Casinos; Betting.
  • Certifications: Obtaining Russian certificates & permits for construction and businesses.
  • Tech: Mobile Service; Mobile App Development Agency.
  • Writing Services: Essay Writing; Book Writing; Ghostwriting (Even in German!).
  • Social Media: YouTube Channels; Telegram Channels.

With extensive experience promoting client websites, YouTube channels, Telegram channels, and even my own projects across diverse niches, I’m eager to share my expertise with you!

Showcasing My Wins

The fruit of my labor


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Thrilled Clients
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Flourishing Projects
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Keywords Dominating the Top

Optimization Case Studies

Isn’t this what everyone’s truly curious about?


Regions of Promotion

I’ve spearheaded website promotions across various countries and languages. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Russia (Too many niches to list!)
  • Ukraine (Online casinos, betting)
  • Azerbaijan (Online casinos, betting)
  • Uzbekistan (Online casinos, betting)
  • Kazakhstan (Online casinos, betting)
  • India (Online casinos, betting)
  • Latin America (Influencer agency, binary options)
  • Indonesia (Influencer agency, binary options)
  • USA (Essay writing)
  • Germany (Essay writing)

Articles Written by Kirill Kulagin

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