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Edas is one of the leading homoeopathy websites in Russia.

What we had

  • zero amount of organic traffic
  • low level of trust

The aim was to enhance the visibility and trustworthiness of a major pharmaceutical producer in Russia. Previously, the site struggled with its Google rankings.

What we’ve managed to do

  • in-depth analysis
  • overhauled of the site’s meta-tags
  • improved textual content
  • created linking strategies
  • added blog and informational articles

We began with an in-depth analysis and subsequent overhaul of the site’s meta-tags, textual content, and internal linking strategies.

We also extended our focus to content, adding well-researched, informational blog articles that elevated the site’s topical authority.

Results of SEO Optimization

After two years of consistent effort in optimising various aspects of SEO, the outcome was a substantial increase in consumer trust and organic traffic.

The numbers don’t lie, and neither does our unwavering dedication to SEO excellence. There’s a narrative arc of success, finely crafted through expert strategy and relentless optimization.

Before & After Metrics:

  • Start: The site began with 6,000 monthly organic visitors in June 2019.
  • End: By September 2021, this number had increased to 40,000 monthly organic visitors—a notable 566% improvement.

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