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IVconcierge​ SEO Project

It is the mobile application for the users to make health tests remotely –  whenever and wherever they are. And that’s how we started to win with EEAT at YMYL niches.


What we had

  • work from scratch
  • difficult niche to have positions at
    tough approval algorithms from Google
  • zero trust
  • zero amount of keywords on top

As you probably know, health niches are the most difficult to have positions at, because Google has special algorithms that are defending people from misleading information that can harm people’s health and lives.

That was the case. The main problem was to prove Google that we are experts and our product helps people and makes their lives easier and healthier. 

What SEO Have we Done here

  • created well-designed and well-thought-out pages describing the product
  • built the WEB of our informational resources that made Google trust us
  • grew our backlink profile along with domain rating and trust of the website within the review services
  • built a comprehensive blog about health and our products

So we started to promote the website. Firstly we made all the pages that were describing our product from each side and were answering all the questions that could appear in the heads of our customers. We made a About Us page, Membership page, Contact us page, Each social media we could offer, and started to build the real Company’s website (website owner was a real company actually) and we started to build the WEB of our informational resources that could make Google finally trust us. We provided our certificates and honourable papers that were proving that we are not a scam.

Then we began to grow our backlink profile along with domain rating and trust of our website within the review services.

At the same time we started to build a comprehensive blog about health and our products that boosted our topical authority and additionally proved that we are worthy of being ranked in the SERP on very high positions.

SEO Results

And that’s the result.


And After

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