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Lamaree Spa

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Lamaree Spa

Small SPA complex for a pleasant resort hotel.

What we had

  • zero amount of organic traffic
  • zero level of Google trust

The main request of the client was to build a new website for a small spa salon connected to the Brigantine Hotel and to optimise for SEO to improve site rankings and drive organic traffic.

What we’ve managed to do

  • developed the new website from scratch using Tilda
  • implemented site-wide optimisation
  • leveraged a high-DR link from the hotel’s flagship site
  • precisely optimised individual services on the site for improved rankings.

SEO Results

We optimised the website’s architecture and framework to make it highly compatible with Google’s search engine results page criteria. And as a result our strategy transformed from a complete unknown to a top-ranking contender – at the start (September 21) we had brand-new site with zero traffic and at the end (February 23, 18 months later) – steady 200+ monthly visitors and rising.

  • Start (September 21): brand-new site with zero traffic.
  • End (February 23): 18 months later steady 200+ monthly visitors and rising.

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