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Sclad is a metal furniture manufacturing company with more than a  20-year history. As a result of their activities, they have opened more than 25 offices and created a large dealer network with their own factories.

What we had

a small amount of organic traffic aimed to broaden its reach in the metal furniture market across Russia. Initially, the site had low traffic and was missing the regional focus. The owner, despite being an experienced SEO specialist, needed our expertise to scale.

What we’ve managed to do

  • overhauled the main domain
  • optimised each existing page
  • did the keyword research and created a keyword list
  • made proper site structure, filters, meta-tags
  • planned each region, each category, subcategory, each regional subdomains
  • created internal and external linking strategies

We started with a complete overhaul of the main domain, armed with a finely tuned keyword list, site structure, filters, meta-tags, and both internal and external linking strategies.
Having set a strong foundation, we consulted with the client to branch out into regional subdomains. Given the groundwork already in place, implementing the same strategy across the new subdomains was seamless.

Any Results?

The following “Before & After” metrics will tell you best.

    • Main Domain: Jumped from a modest 500 monthly organic visitors in early 2018 to a bustling 2,000 by our latest metrics—a robust 4x increase!
    • Subdomains
      • From zero to hero! The St. Petersburg subdomain  now enjoys 1,500 organic visitors
      • Voronezh subdomain is at 660.
Saint Petersburg

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