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Signal DV

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Signaldv SEO Project

It is an online store offering a diverse array of products akin to a Far Eastern version of AliExpress.

What we had

  • zero amount of organic traffic
  • low level of Google’s trust

For SignalDV, a store offering a diverse array of products akin to a Far Eastern version of AliExpress, the challenge was unique. The primary goal was to transition from a virtual showroom to a revenue-generating platform.

What SEO Works Have We Provided?

  • made keyword analysis
  • crafted a website structure
  • solved technical issues
  • established meta-tags and header templates
  • created a balanced internal linking strategy

As usual started with semantic analysis. Given the site’s broad product offerings, identifying the right keyword universe was a complex but vital first step. We crafted a website structure post semantic definition and tackled technical glitches to make the site search-engine friendly.

Alongside, we established meta-tag and header templates and executed a balanced internal linking strategy to evenly distribute “SEO juice” across various pages, giving priority to high-importance categories.

SEO Results for Signal DV?

The collective impact of these strategies led to a substantial increase in organic web traffic within less than a year, effectively meeting the client’s goals of enhancing brand recognition, credibility and of course organic traffic.

  • Starting Point: An ambitious endeavour, SignalDV came to us at square one—zero organic traffic in April 2019.
  • Finish: By February 2020, we helped them scale the heights, achieving a remarkable 3,000 organic visitors per month.

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