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Sketchpark SEO Project

It is a sketching and drawing school with hundreds of students.

What we had from the Start?

  • zero amount of organic traffic
  • low level of trust

SketchPark aspired for the familiar trio: increased traffic, heightened brand awareness, and a boost in customer numbers. The cherry on top? They wanted results quickly and affordably.

What SEO we’ve managed to do

  • delineated a semantic core
  • optimised every page
  • improved the content
  • optimised meta-tags
  • built internal linking
  • created blog section

In order to quickly achieve all the set goals, we took into account Semantic Core: First, we delineated a semantic core tailored to SketchPark’s myriad courses.

Than On-Page Optimization: Every existing page received our attention, resulting in improved content, better internal linking, and optimised meta-tags. And finally Blog & Content Strategy: We didn’t stop at what already existed; we introduced a blog section and started crafting informational articles to enhance the site’s topical authority.

What SEO Results Have We Achieved?

In a little over a year, we met and exceeded our initial goals. SEO isn’t necessarily complex; it’s about making consistent strides to improve your site’s ranking in search engines.

  • Starting Point: SketchPark had its colours ready but needed more canvas to showcase. In December 2019, they started with 1,300 organic visitors.
  • Finish: By January 2020, the figures evolved into a more vibrant picture, showcasing 2,250 organic visitors per month.

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